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Seasonal Weather


     Wildflowers start blooming as the snow melts on the rims, and temperatures begin to rise. In late spring, many wild animals, such as elk, have their offspring and can be seen throughout the national park. Springtime is an adventure, and a great time to experience the many wonders of the Grand Canyon and Northern Arizona! 

March 1st - May 30th


     Breathtaking views and mild temperatures make autumn a perfect time to visit Northern Arizona! Fall tends to be less crowded than spring and summer, with vibrant foliage on the rims and the surrounding areas!

October 1st - December 30th


     Early summer can be hot, but monsoon season typically starts in early July and lasts until mid-September.  The rain and thunderstorms cool off the rims, and make for a spectacular show of lightning and rainbows!  It’s our favorite time of year! 

June 1st - September 30th


     The slowest time of year, but one of the most beautiful times to visit Northern Arizona! Snow may fall on the rims and throughout the surrounding areas, and most viewpoints in the park are deserted!

January 5th - February 28th

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