Antelope Canyon

COVID-19 Update

All guides and staff have been fully vaccinated since March 11, 2021 and received a booster on December 14th, 2021.

Mask & Face Coverings

Masks are encouraged in the vehicle on public daily tours.  Guides and guests are also encouraged to wear a mask when social distancing is not possible.  We provide free medical masks to our guests if they do not have their own.  The Grand Canyon National Park currently requires everyone to wear a mask inside any buildings in the park.  This is subject to change.  Each tour will begin with a discussion from the guide to the guests about current COVID-19 protocols and CDC guidelines. 

Food & Drink

All snacks and drinks served on tour are in factory-sealed containers.  Guides are certified Food Handler’s in the State of Arizona.  We do not prepare or serve breakfast, lunch, or dinner to our guests. Lunch is served by a restaurant in the park.


Guides and staff are required to take their temperature every morning before the start of the tour.  Guests will also be screened for any sign of illness before the start of the tour.  If any guest or guide is not feeling well, has a cough, headache, fever, chills, shortness of breath, new loss of sense of taste or smell, or has knowledge of any recent exposure to someone who has contracted COVID-19, the tour will be canceled.  If guides, staff, and/or any guests have a temperature of over 100℉ before the start of the tour, the tour will be canceled.  If any guests have a medical condition that causes them to have a temperature above 100℉, they will need to bring a note from their doctor.

Social Distancing

The maximum number of guests is nine, plus one guide, equaling a total of ten people in a vehicle.  When visiting crowded areas of the park, guests are encouraged to wear a mask.


Our vehicle is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized before every tour, along with all equipment.  We provide hand-sanitizer and medical masks to our guides and guests in the vehicle at all times.


If guides and/or staff are exposed to COVID-19 (including all strains and variants) and test positive, the company shall not run any tours for a minimum of five days.  All guides and/or staff must receive a negative test result before touring operations may continue. Guests from prior tours will be notified of possible exposure.

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